The Buzz: INS Family of Companies Big Announcement

The INS Family of Companies have a deep history of successfully run Iowa-based organizations that go back until the 1980’s. While our businesses mainly differ in product or solution, we have vast similarities in our service models and our client engagement strategies. Simply put, we know our clients and we know their needs. Our talent, technology and tools bind our organizations together to provide solutions for our clients across the nation.

But, what does that really mean?

We know there are multiple tensions that distract business leaders from doing their business. Things like dealing with complex IT network issues, or the complexities of the Affordable Care Act, or dealing with service issues. These things take you, the business leader, away from focusing on your passion – the thing that led you to begin your business in the first place.  Those things are time consuming and generally not the most fun aspects of your business.

We’ve built our business to tackle those things for you. You likely engaged us to fix a triggering event, something went wrong and you needed immediate resolution. Yet, we’ve become your business partner and we’ve been there through thick and thin - downtimes and good times.

Well, let’s break it down.

  • In addition to technology, we provide HR and Contact Center solutions.
  • For 27 years, the INS Family of Companies has been on the front lines for your back office.
  • We’ve been your trusted partner for all your back office and business support.
  • By the numbers, did you know the INS Family of Companies:
    • Serve clients in 45 states.
    • Process 24,000 W2s a month.
    • Have 40,000 video customers.
    • Have 90,000 of fiber connectivity.

We’re excited to say we’re two weeks, 13 days and a few hours to be more specific, away from making a big announcement. One that is years in the making and one that we know you’ll be eager to learn more about.

But, we just can’t say what it is…

So, check back in a little over 13 days – we’ll be here. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter at hashtag #anewchapterbegins or on any of our businesses social media profiles.