Domain Forwarding

You can use this form to point an additional domain to your existing netINS Web Hosting account. When forwarding is done, visitors to your NEW domain will see the website that exits at your CURRENT domain.

  •  You must have an existing netINS Web Hosting account to forward the new domain to.
  • The new domain must be registered. You can register a new domain here.
  • You will be billed $10.00 per year additional for each domain you forward to the netINS Web Hosting Account. That fee will be added on to your existing account.
  • No email service will be provided with the forwarded domains. Only the original netINS Web Hosting account will provide mail service.
  • Please print or type. We will not be able to process incomplete or illegible registrations.


Please Forward the domain(s) I've listed in the NEW domain field to my existing netINS Web Hosting service listed above. I understand that no email forwarding will be allowed for this domain. Add $10.00 yearly to my netINS Web Hosting bill.