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When people think about companies like Google®, Facebook® and Microsoft® they’re more than likely to envision California than Iowa. But, with new investments by Google, Facebook and most recently Microsoft it looks like things may be changing.

Google, one of the first to recognize what Iowa has to offer, invested $1.5 billion in its Council Bluffs Southlands location since opening in...

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Well, the madness of the NCAA Men’s Basketball season has come to an end with the championship game being played last night. Congratulations to the University of Connecticut (UConn) Huskies on their win! Oh, what a wild and crazy tournament it’s been. I know my bracket was pretty much done by the time the Sweet Sixteen rolled around, as were many others. 

Did a lot of people...

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Yummmmm! Enjoy the Dysart Chocolate Walk, April 12!


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INS at the 1st Annual Iowa Communications Alliance Conference and Expo. Thank you for stopping by!

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“He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” — Proverb The same could be said about trying to be your own accountant, human resource administrator, IT technician and network specialist, or any other back-office role! “The nation's 23 million small business owners lose more than 4 billion hours each year managing time-consuming – but crucial – business operations and...